St. Clair Baptist Church
Saturday, August 18, 2018

Favorite Sites

Southern Baptist

    Information site for the global work of the Southern Baptist Convention, the
   coordinating arm of Southern Baptist Churches.
  The Cooperative Program is the way individuals and churches are able to extend their
   financial arm as well as their personnel and work both nationally and internationally to
   accomplish collectively what otherwise could not be done individually.
   The LBC is the coordinating agency for Louisiana Baptists. Offices are located in Alexandria, LA
   Louisiana Baptist Convention - Disaster Relief serves Louisiana and any other place that
  requests for help when experiencing the need for disaster relief and recovery. There are
  many ways this mission is served: feeding units, shower units, mud out teams, chainsaw
  teams, ash out teams, medical teams, etc. They are always looking for volunteers to undergo training and join the ranks of helpers.
   The Gospel Project is a Lifeway Publishing project to bring the narrative of the Gospel of Jesus Christ back into the teaching arena of the Sunday School. This material is designed to teach the "whole" of scripture connecting the events to the grand picture of salvation for mankind through the work of Jesus Christ.
   The Chaplaincy Program of the Southern Baptist Convention is supported by funds received through the Cooperative Program and administered by the North American Mission Board.  All areas of industry are represented by SBC Chaplains.

Ministry / Missions

  Faith Walk is a member of the 4th Day Movement, seeking those who are
 ready for a personal walk with Jesus Christ as they grow in their faith.
  Child Evangelism Fellowship is an organization dedicated to the evangelization of children.
  Torah Bytes is the blog of a Jewish-Christian. Very insightful reading to help individuals to
  understand the connections between the Old and New Testaments of the Bible through the
  Messiah, Jesus Christ.